Filtered Sound is the flagship business of Filtered Pty Ltd. Directors Alex McKee and Marnie McKee wanted to share their passion for sharing good music within environments that allow people to lose themselves inside of a space. The concept of "creating the scene" was born, where the visual elements are matched to the sound design, specific to the fit of each particular immersive experience. Whether its bringing lush lounge chairs and sunset grooves to the great outdoors or glamming up an inner city warehouse with underground beats, these chill spaces, dance floors, and smokey jazz VIP cigar lounges are complimentary to the music and visual DJ set up. and speak directly of the client's taste. 


Alex & Marnie's qualifications extend from sound technical and musical artistry, installation art, immersive theatre production & management to experience design and interactive marketing. They both have over 10 years experience in each of their respective skillsets.  "Our sensitivity in the process of making atmospheres is what we pride ourselves on, by considering all the elements in order to create a beautiful experience," Marnie McKee

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